These are the roles that are needed:

  • Asset
  • Search
  • Can read collection
  • Can write collection

Bulk Transfer Saved Search Content

This allows you to trigger a transfer for asset files that are matched by a saved search from it's original storage to another storage destination. The storage destination must be setup as storage in iconik that allows us to write to that storage.

Selecting transfer

  1. Open the Search view
  2. Open the Saved Search panel
  3. Click on the menu for the Saved Search that you wish to transfer.
  4. Choose Transfer
  5. This will open the Transfer modal dialog
  6. Select the destination storage.
  7. Set a new path. This can be entered as a normal path string such as my-path/destination/.
  8. Click to start the operation.

Please note: This operation will happen in the background, and if there are a large number of assets in the saved search it might take some time

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