These are the roles that are needed:

  • Asset
  • Search
  • Can_analyze_content

Video Analysis

iconik supports Machine Learning based video analysis tools. This can be enabled or disabled by the admin.

The video analysis will look through the video and extract tags for what it has found in the video. For example, a video containing "people running" might extract tags such as "People, Person, Run, Running". These tags are timecoded for where in the video that they are. So if you have a long video with different shots, each shot will be analyzed for what it contains.

The tags will be input into the time-based metadata fields for that asset. Once this is done they can be used for identifying the video.

Using Video Analysis.

  1. Search for the asset you want to analyze
  2. Go in to the asset.
  3. Click on the gearbox menu
  4. Choose Analyze

The video will be queued for analysis, as the process can take a short time. Once it has started a progress bar will show under the video player.

Bulk Analysis

You can also do bulk analysis on many assets at once, please see the associated page: Bulk Analyze Collection Content and Bulk Analyze Saved Search Content for more information.

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