These are the roles that are needed:

  • Admin
  • Can delete transcoders
  • Can read transcoders
  • Can write transcoders

iconik Transcoder for Cloud

iconik deploys it's own transcoder for your use. You can additional define a new transcoder using the iconik Type for use with your storage, or to change the default parameters.


  • Data - Additional data and options to be sent to the transcoder for advanced usage.
  • Directory for Edit Proxies - This is the directory relative to the root of the storage this transcoder is used on for storing Edit Proxies that are made using the iconik Transcoder.
  • Max Proxy Size - The maximum resolution that we will create proxies in. We will not upscale small content, but larger resolutions will be downsized.
  • Max Proxy Bitrate - The maximum bit rate the encoder should use.

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