These are the roles that are needed:

  • Can read collections
  • Can write collections
  • Can read acls
  • Can write acls
  • Can delete acls

API Links

Editing ACL on Collection API Link

Editing Access Control

There are two ways in which one can change the access rights of an collection. Either by changing each users and groups access one by one or by setting multiple users and group to have the same access control.

To change each user one by one open the access control panel then:

  1. Click on the dots icon next to the user or group you wish to change access control for.
  2. Select Edit permission.
  3. Remove or add the access controls you wish for that user or group to have
  4. Click on UPDATE

To change the users and groups all together open the access control panel then:

  1. Click on the add icon in the lower right corner of the Access Control Panel.
  2. Choose a user or group from the menu. You can also type to search in these boxes.
  3. Choose the permission that you want to give.
  4. Click to save.

Propagating Access Control.

If you wish to change an ACL to one that is Inherited by all members of the collection, you will have to recreate it as a new ACL.

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