Release 3.4.4

Bug Fixes

  • Bug fixes for watch folder transcoder
  • Bug fixes for Red edit proxy job status updates


Release 3.4.3

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed CentOS 7 crash because of old SQLite library. No change compared to 3.4.2 for other platforms.


Release 3.4.2


  • Support edit proxy audio codec overrides
  • Support for adding the -white-balance flag for certain raw image formats

Bug Fixes

  • Fix for bitrate on intel macs using Videotoolbox


Release 3.4.0


  • Option to delete edit proxies from local storage after upload
  • Watch folder transcoder (For use with for example Blackmagick Proxy Generator)

Bug Fixes

  • Add metadata fields to index red files properly
  • Collection map fixes
    • Non-blocking re-map job
    • Use Recycle Bin for quick restore of deleted collections
  • Support PSD files without extension
  • Add bitrate option for videotoolbox encoder to improve quality
  • Keep collection mapping if only edit proxy remains
  • Retry uploads on file rediscovery
  • Set the default max checksum workers to 5 instead of number o CPUs


  • Upgrade Python to 3.10
  • Cache uses a separate database file for performance


Release 3.3.9

Bug Fixes

  • Fix audio mapping for AAC for editproxy for some 5.1 audio files
  • Fix AttributeError on empty media_info
  • Simplify collection map condition
  • Download NEF files by default (Edge transcoder only)


Release 3.3.8

New Features

Bug Fixes

  • Better image proxy quality


Release 3.3.7

New Features

  • Support for the new Edit Proxies transcoder type.
  • Support for WAL (Write Ahead Logging) mode for the local database. This can improve performance for large ISG with many files.

Bug Fixes

  • Exempi XMP extraction on MacOS was not working correctly if Exempi was not installed on the OS
  • Asset history entry for proxy generation
  • Files in iconik are now created when a transfer to ISG start instead of after it is finished.