Release 3.3.4

Bug Fixes

  • Additional fixes for speed of parsing projects
  • Fixes bug for not parsing project when uploading
  • Fixes for menus across applications


Release 3.3.3

Bug Fixes

  • Fix for speed of parsing projects
  • Fix for opening in Photoshop, Illustrator and Audition
  • Fix for bug when rendering and uploading with After Effects


Release 3.3.2

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a crash when right clicking assets or collections, if there was no custom actions.


Release 3.3.1

New Features

  • Added the ability to set default upload storage in panel
  • Changed layout of top menu panel for more space
  • Allow entry of time-based metadata in the panel
  • Support for EDITPROXY and PPROPROXY format
  • Easy refresh project button in top menu
  • Associate Bin item with iconik Asset.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed time-based metadata not showing up in the panel
  • Bug fix for rendering two sequences sequentially
  • Fixed functionality on placeholders
  • Better Search for filenames to match Bin Items.


Release 3.2.2

New Features

  • Imports Collection trees and creates bins for collections
  • Supports rendering of sequence between in and outpoint
  • Can work with external files that already have iconik XMP metadata to recognize that they are files managed by iconik.
  • Can now view asset relationships in the panel
  • Searching for selected bin items will try and match on the filename.
  • Added a refresh button for collections and asset.

Bug fixes

  • Fixes for importing files and folders
  • Additional fixes for uploading to Backblaze B2 Storage
  • Decreased the frequency of updating the panel's parsing of the current project


Release 3.1.13

Bug fixes

  • Fixes for uploading to Backblaze B2 Storage


New Features

Sequence level reconnect and upload actions. Batch importing of asset files downloaded or available on mapped storage (Iconik Storage Gateway). Improved download performance. Persistent project version id in project file metadata. Warning on uploading a project with non-iconik items.


Support downloading in Premiere 14.3 and below, and apps running CEP9. MOGRT download fixed in Premiere 14.3 and below, and apps running CEP9. Storage mapping: overwrites and configuration duplicates fixed.