What is Hybrid Cloud?

Hybrid Cloud enables you to take advantage of the benefits of cloud services while keeping some level of on-site functionality.

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What does it mean for video producers?

Typically Hybrid Cloud has the following benefits:

  • Keep large video files locally for editing
  • Reduces cost of bandwidth
  • Enables you to bring files in to the cloud as needed
  • Can view your files anywhere.

Components of Hybrid Cloud

These are the typical components in a Hybrid Cloud workflow:

  • On-Premise Storage
  • Software running on premise which can intelligently manage files and file movement
  • Off-site cloud storage and archive, which the software will communicate with for sending and receiving files.
  • Cloud Software that controls everything

Where iconik helps.

  • You can use your existing investment in on-premise storage.
  • iconik Storage Gateway is that software that you can run on-premise for managing files and file movement.
  • We integrate with your cloud storage of choice, or you let us decide which is the best for you.
  • iconik then manages the storage, files and users.