What is iconik?

iconik is a system that makes sharing and collaborating on media effortless, regardless of geographic location. View our demo video to learn more:

Storing Files

You make your media files available to iconik either by uploading them, or using our Hybrid Cloud agent to give access securely from your network. Once iconik knows about the files it extracts as much meaning as possible from those files so that you can quickly search, categorize and further work with them. iconik keeps the files safely and allows you to collaborate through rich comments, metadata, exporting, sharing and sending secure links to allow previews of your media to others.

iconik provides a rich Web-based user experience that can be accessed on most devices anywhere in the world.


iconik keeps your content safe, organized, and easy to access, wherever you are. Your assets are made securely available to you and your organization and to those that you wish to share them with but keeps them from being accessed from everyone else.

If you want to be even more secure we can utilise your storage, whether it's on your own network or in Cloud Storage Buckets that you control.


iconik forms a central place for you to collaborate with others around media. iconik allow you to share and send Assets for Review and Approve. All metadata, comments and actions upon your media is stored in iconik and can easily be retrieved. Examples of how we enable collaboration:

  • Rich ACLs on media means that only the user's with the rights to see a particular asset are allowed to do so.
  • Easy to use sharing for quickly enabling access to both internal and external users.
  • Review and Approval workflows to quickly gather information from stakeholders.
  • Threaded Time-based comments that allow users to comment on sections of a video.
  • Collaboration is global - you can access your files from anywhere.
  • iconik is can be used by anyone in your company


The more content that you start collecting in your organization, the more important it becomes for a tool that makes it easy to understand, share and view that content. iconik makes this easy by:

  • Using Artificial Intelligence to analyse your media and provide rich metadata on it.
  • Provide easy to use functionality for adding more metadata and comments.
  • Provide a power search based off the metadata on your assets.
  • Show your Media in a variety of ways to allow users to discover content through the system.

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