If you can't find what you are looking for with this documentation, or you have a problem using iconik please contact support. We pride ourselves on providing fast and efficient support, but try to provide as much information as possible in this help and knowledgebase.

How can I contact iconik?

There are two main ways:

  • You can send us an email us at
  • Click the Support button in the lower right corner on any help page and use the form.

Either way we will get back to you as soon as possible.

What information should I put in a support request?

If you think it's a bug as much information as possible on what you are trying to do, what the outcome was and what you expected the outcome to be. You can also attach images and short videos to help explain.

For feature requests we like to understand the user story of what you are trying to achieve. If for example you want a button to perform a specific action, we would like to know why the action is needed and what effect it would have on your workflow.

Can I see what the status of iconik is?

Yes, we have a operational status page that runs at which runs on a completely different cloud provider that checks the status of iconik every minute. We also post known incidents with updates there.

What support contract is in place?

For all our customers we have an internal best-effort support process, and will often answer within the next business day. For maintaining system uptime we are constantly monitoring the system to make sure it's running smoothly.

Can I get Enterprise support contract?

Please contact for information on Service Level Agreements with Enterprise contracts.